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Our apologies for somehow missing this Britney Spears picture in the past week. We don’t know the circumstances behind it, but what really is there to say at this point?

Britney Spears. No underwear. Again.

No, that’s not Daimon Shippen holding her in this photo (too bad for him). It may have been taken on the same day as Britney’s impromptu stripping and swimming bonanza.

Sigh. It was only a matter of time until those bare buns were exposed to the whole world again. With Britney Spears, nude photos, nipple slips and crotch shots are second nature.

You know, like putting on makeup, riding a bicycle, going to clubs, hitting one’s own mother or being an absentee parent to Jayden James Federline.

Yeah, we have no idea what the f–k Christina Aguilera is talking about. Britney? A good mom? Come on, Xtina. Just stick to cranking out hit songs and looking hot as hell, okay?

Anyway, this is the latest view of Britney Spears and her ass, which appears to be on the chubby side these days. Not that we’re complaining, just saying. Enjoy the view, fans.

After all, this is something only 100 million others have seen on their computer screens before, and only a few dozen have been lucky enough to experience in the flesh.