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Welcome back to Plathville, television viewers.

TLC has released the first trailer for Season 4 of this popular reality series, which will feature multiple relationships on the rocks.

Following a run of episodes last year that teased the end of the romantic line for Ethan and Olivia Plath, these spouses will be back in the spotlight this spring and summer.

Photo via TLC

"There’s going to be certain times where I’m going to go do stuff by myself, and that’s that," Ethan tells Olivia at one point in this preview.

Upon hearing this from her husband, Olivia is clearly taken aback, responding as follows:

"It’s like you’re trying to get rid of me."

Via confessional, she later adds: "I don’t know what he’s doing. He like has this little double life."

Elsewhere, the promo gives us a glimpse of Ethan smiling while out with a blonde-haired woman.

However, things between the pair get even worse when Olivia questions Ethan’s failure to contact her about an unknown issue.

"Is there a reason you did not call me on the phone and tell me any of this?" asks the 23-year old, which prompts Ethan to storm away… without answering his alleged soulmate.

As for Moriah?

The 19-year-old musician initially moved to Florida to be with Max, although he confirmed the couple broke up on YouTube in February.

"Moriah’s the only person that knows exactly what happened," Ethan says in cryptic fashion in a confessional about his sister.

Later, while chatting with one of Moriah’s siblings, Max admits that he "f-cked up."

Welcome to Plathville debuted on TLC in 2019.

It follows the ultra-conservative Plath family, as they navigate the modern world with their non-conventional approach.

Season 4 of Welcome to Plathville premieres on May 17 at 10/9 on TLC.

Check out the trailer above, and scroll down to read the official network synopsis below…

Kim and Barry raised their nine kids on an idyllic and secluded farm in southern Georgia, separated from social media and modern culture but life looks a whole lot different for the family now. 

Ethan, Olivia and Moriah are in Tampa, far from the family drama but making it on their own in a new city is not all fun and games. 

Micah is stretching his wings in Los Angeles and finding new friends and room to grow. Kim and Barry have five of their nine kids still living in their house but life is no longer as conservative as it once was. 

Kim is questioning their lifestyle and her choices overall and some unexpected alliances and friendships occur as a result.

As the Plaths explore new cities, navigate their love lives, change and grow in ways none of them ever expected, what’s certain is the recent past never seemed so far behind.

There are 12 new episodes in this season.