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Over the last handful of Welcome to Plathville episodes, Ethan and Olivia Plath haven’t even tried to hide it.

They’ve beaten around nary a bush and minced not a single word.

Simply put, this marriage has appeared to be in a great deal of trouble.

Just consider…

Plaths on Air

Ethan has said on multiple occasions that Olivia has changed — and that he wouldn’t have wanted to marry the woman she is now if Olivia had been this way back when they met.

Ouch, huh?!?

Due to their bickering, and due to Olivia growing sick and tired of having to constantly provide her husband with guidance in life, the Plaths announced on an episode late last month that they were separating.

"I want to take some space because I think until he figures out what he wants I’m not really able to have a relationship with him," the 23-year old told producers on air, adding:

"Deciding to move out is the hardest decision I’ve ever had to make in my relationship with Ethan."

Olivia Plath and Ethan Plath on Air

That says it all, doesn’t it?

Except that Olivia said even more on Tuesday’s installment of Welcome to Plathville.

"I love you a lot. But… I don’t see us getting back together anytime soon," Olivia told Ethan during an intense heart-to-heart.

"I think we can see each other at couple’s counseling. Make it a point to see each other elsewhere… [but] I’m not going to move back in right now."

Olivia Plath Confesses

At one point in this conversation, Olivia even dropped the F-Bomb:

"I think for right now, just, like, being friends would be really good."

Double ouch, huh?!?

Ethan said in a confessional that hearing Olivia say the friends things "really deflates me," which sure makes sense coming from a husband when referring to his wife.

Olivia Plath and Ethan Plath for TLC

"Why is it we can’t work on things together? Why do we have to be separated?" Ethan asked.

This prompted Olivia to simply say "I can’t live" with you right now, adding that Ethan needed space to figure out what he wants "without my voice in your ear."

So… is that, just, that?

Have the spouses truly split for good?

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It doesn’t appear that way.

It’s worth remembering that these episodes were filmed many months ago — and while the problems between Ethan and Olivia may have been real, it’s clear the pair has now learned from everything that went awry.

"Relationships are always stronger when you are best friends first, and a couple second," they wrote along with a new selfie on Tuesday, adding that they had to learn this lesson the "hard way."

Hey, at least they learned it, though, right?

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In late August, Olivia told Us Weekly that she and Ethan had talked in depth to a marriage counselor, and that it helped a lot.

“I felt like so many of the things that we dealt with, were both of us speaking out of childhood trauma,” she told the tabloid back then.

“And I thought that if we both went privately, like, personally to therapy, we could deal with all of our own stuff on our own and have more tools [for] coming back and communicating together.

"But obviously, that was my ideal and that was something Ethan wasn’t comfortable with.

"So my compromise was just, like, ‘OK, we’ll go to couples therapy.’”

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The photographer went on to say that because they’ve been through so much since marrying in 2018, they couple has come out on the other side. Stronger than everr.

“Our relationship almost had to hit rock bottom for us to kind of wake up, prioritize and actually deal with our own problems.

"It really sucked hitting rock bottom. When we started the season, pretty much, like, everything [was] not going well at all and kind of came to a head within the first few weeks.

"It also means that as uncomfortable as the first few episodes and scenes are going to be, it gets a lot better.

"It gets worse before it gets better. … We’re in a much better place now.”