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Naked and Afraid is one of the most bizarre reality television concepts in existence.

It’s not a conceptual horror like The Masked Singer. It’s just a wild concept.

Most of the time, the only things that contestants have to be "afraid" of are insect bites, exposure to the elements, and interpersonal conflicts.

On Sunday’s episode, however, the naked stars and the entire production team had to flee for their lives to avoid charging elephants.

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Nicole and Diogo were already having enough problems before a herd of pachyderms perceived them as a threat.

Nicole is a Virginia native, while Diogo is from Brazil.

Among other things, the two had a bit of a language barrier … especially when they weren’t get along, and Diogo would complain in Portuguese. Somehow, Nicole still got the idea.

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In South Africa, they were both out of their element — hotter than Virginia, more arid than Brazil, and with ample deadly fauna.

Their efforts to hunt and fish had to take into account that, at any moment, other wildlife might size them up as pray.

Diogo noted to the camera that even smaller crocodiles could seriously injure him in seconds if he grew careless.

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So far, however, they had managed to bag some game — going after realistic prizes like squirrels, fish, and quail.

Nicole had battled with a foot injury, knowing that an infection would spell the end of her time as a contestant.

Fortunately, the two had scavenged hide in order to improvise makeshift footwear — which would, later, make it easier for them to run.

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While Nicole and Diogo got a much-needed break in the shade, Nicole spotted the herd.

At first, it was anxious curiosity as the elephants spilled into view.

The herd, they quickly observed, included calfs … which of course meant that the adult elephants were feeling particularly protective.

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Nicole and Diogo were about halfway through their challenge, and things were relatively normal — as far as this show goes.

Then, the elephants began to cross the river, inadvertently making a bee line for their camp.

Everyone was already on alert, but they were not prepared when one elephant broke away from the herd to drive away the potential threat.

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The rangers had stepped in by this point, telling everyone that they would need to evacuate.

That did not stop one elephant from charging through the trees.

Taking cover behind a tree seems smart until you factor in the size and mass of a charging elephant.

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Ultimately, an elephant ended up being halted by a tree just above a downward slope.

Even then, the protective megafauna used its trunk to shower the humans with dirt in angry protest.

The meaning was clear: flee or die.

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The humans involved were quick to emphasize — from a safe distance — that the elephants were in the right.

This is where elephants live, after all.

Many of us humans would charge at an intruder in our homes or yards, especially if we had children to protect.

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They also reminded viewers that elephants can be deceptively quiet due to the structure of their feet, which cushion their footsteps.

When dealing with colossal, highly intelligent herbivores who are consciously aware that some humans are friendly but others will kill them, caution is key.

Fortunately, no one seemed to be injured in that frightening moment. We hope that the elephant herd remains undisturbed.