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We’re still two days away Kylie Jenner’s 18th birthday, but the celebration is already well under way.

Kylizzle and the Kard Krew hit up Nobu restaurant in Malibu for an early b-day dinner last night, and it was somewhat of a momentous occasion as it marks the first time that Caitlyn and Kris Jenner were spotted in public together.

Of course, Kylie took center stage, and she’s already being showered with extravagant gifts to celebrate her passage into adulthood.

It’s like a bat mitzvah, but with the possibility of eloping with a 25-year-old rapper on the horizon.

Yes, we can’t talk about Kylie becoming an adult without talking about Tyga.

The two have been dating for almost a year, but for legal purposes Tyga is still Kylie’s platonic "friend."

Ya know, the kind of friend who drops a cool quarter mill on her in the span of two weeks.

First, Tyga bought Kylie an insane Rolex for her high school graduation last month. Now, he’s dropped an estimated $110,000 on the Mercedes G-Class SUV that Kylie is seen driving in the video above.

Pretty big spending for a guy who allegedly can’t afford to pay his own rent.

But hey, we’re sure T-Raww sees it as an investment in his future. After all, Kylie is pretty much the only reason he’s still famous.