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Tomi Lahren, an outspoken anchor on The Blaze, has once again stirred up major controversy with her thoughts on American race relations.

Last week, Lahren Tweeted that the Black Lives Matter movement was akin to the KKK, writing the following message on her social media account:

In response, over 56,000 people have signed a petition that calls for Lahren to be ousted from her post as a member of Glenn Beck’s Web network.

That seems unlikely to happen, however, considering Lahren is bringing a great deal of attention to The Blaze.

In her “Final Thoughts” on Tuesday, for example, the 23-year old blamed President Obama (who she refers to derisively as “Barry”) and “two black attorney generals” for the country’s growing racial tensions.

“Almost eight years in office and two black attorney generals as head of the Justice Department, and where are we today?” Lahren asks in the following video.

“We are more divided now than ever before.”

Most people would agree with the latter sentence.

But not as many people would agree with where Lahren lays blame for it.

Tomi Lahren
Photo via Instagram

Lahren went on to give her viewers a history lesson. She states that minority communities have never trusted police… that officers have generally “dealt” with the ensuing distress… and that, at the moment, everything has been “reduced to race.”

Touching on the topic of President Obama’s speech after the Dallas shootings, Tomi Lahren denounced the “rush” to blame white officers for escalating tensions.

She also questioned the tone of the Black Lives Matter movement.

According to the controversial host, the sniper Micah Johnson did NOT just have a “troubled mind," as President Obama implied – but was inspired by the anti-cops and anti-white rhetoric of Black Lives Matter.

Watch her latest take on this hot button subject below.

This video has been viewed over 790,000 times as of this writing.

We shudder to think about the number of those viewers who agree with Tomi Lahren.