Dallas Shooting: 5 Police Officers Killed at Black Lives Matter Protest

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Horrible news out of Dallas:

On Thursday night, five police officers were killed and at least six injured when snipers opened fire on them in a coordinated attack at a Black Lives Matter protest in Dallas, Texas.

Dallas police

Prior to this tragic incident, the gathering had been calm and peaceful.

But Dallas Police Chief David Brown confirmed at a press conference that a pair snipers shot at these cops from "elevated positions."

Five officers were struck fatally; two were taken into surgery; and three were in critical condition, Brown said. 

The rally and march had been organized by citizens as a show of solidarity for those affected by the officer-involved shootings this week of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile in Louisiana and Minnesota, respectively.

Both victims in those cases were African-American and both had their lives taken by police officers in controversial ways:

Sterling was killed despite held on the ground at the time by two officers; while Castle was killed while in the car with a woman and child.

Other protests in their honor took place in other cities around the country.

It is unclear at the moment whether the Dallas snipers were ever part of this particular protect.

Brown did not disclose the names of any suspects, but he did say two people were in custody early Friday morning.

One individual turned himself in, while another was nabbed following a shootout with police.

"It is a heartbreaking morning to lose these four officers that proudly served our citizens," Mayor Mike Rawlings said at a press conference, while Brown added:

"There are two Dallas officers deceased and one DART [Dallas Area Rapid Transit] officer deceased.

"There were 10 shot and we've had an additional officer to make the total to 11 officers injured."

A handful of celebrities have also weighed in on the shootings.

"These Dallas shootings are horrific. Killing these officers is morally reprehensible and completely counterproductive to keeping us safe," Tweeted John Legend.

Wrote Olivia Wilde: "It is truly tragic when a vicious few turn a peaceful protest into a bloodbath. Horrific and sad."

Demi Lovato wrote that she is "praying" for justice and peace, while Josh Gad chimed in with the following:

"There is tragedy. We answer it with tragedy. We demand justice. We seek vengeance. We hang our heads in sorrow. Sad week in the US of A."

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