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Note to anyone playing Pokemon GO:

Stop playing Pokemon GO. Seriously.

But if you refuse to heed this piece of advice, at least follow the words of wisdom below:

Stop playing Pokemon GO while walking anywhere near a body of water.

In the following video, some dude is obsessed with this app, staring into his phone and talking to those around him.

He’s on the search for animated creatures that sort of exist in the real world (that’s the most in-depth understand we’re willing to have of Pokemon GO) when… oops!

He walks right into lots of wet stuff!

“Holy sh-t, I didn’t know that was water,” says the man. “That was funny.”

Sure, yes. Funny. That’s one word for it.

There was also this instance of a weatherman having his report interrupted by a colleague playing the game…

Weather Report Gets Interrupted by Pokemon Go Players

… and this admission by a 27-year old that Pokemon GO has caused her to question her entire life.

Pokemon GO Plunges 27-Year Old Into Existential Crisis

We can see how it can have that effect on people.

Watch this idiot walk into a lake now: