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Earlier this week, The Bachelorette fans got their first look at Rachel Recchia and Gabby Windey’s suitors.

These two will have their work cut out for them as they sift through this handsome bunch for a prospective husband — and do it side-by-side.

Now, the Bachelor Nation has something new — a brand new teaser trailer.

Just one month ahead of the premiere, we’re getting a look at Rachel and Gabby’s shared journey.

On Thursday, The Bachelorette shared this teaser video to Instagram.

Rachel Recchia and Gabby Windey are clearly taking time to enjoy themselves during their season.

"Bring ’em on!" Rachel declares during the trailer, while Shania Twain music plays.

So what’s on the agenda for this season?

Both of our leading ladies will be taking their dates on helicopter rides.

They’ll also be jumping from a yacht — definitely the vehicle that you want to be jumping from of the two of them.

We’re shown glimpses of them popping bottles of champagne.

Things look downright chaotic at times — which is pretty par for the course when it comes to teaser trailers like this.

The dates are wild, as they should be, because this group of suitors is competing for two hearts, not one.

"You’re invited to the ultimate Bachelorette party of the summer," The Bachelorette teaser’s Instagram caption reads.

The premiere date is, as we said, one month away.

The new season will begin on July 11, and will of course also be available to stream on Hulu.

Viewers of course remember watching Rachel and Gabby join the Final Three on Season 26.

Clayton Echard had narrowed down the field to them and to Susie Evans.

Infamously, Susie expressed shock and dismay that Clayton had slept with Rachel and Gabby while dating them, saying that she couldn’t "get past" this.

Clayton was stunned, feeling that Susie had dropped a "bombshell" on him at the last minute.

He was surprised that, if this was such a dealbreaker for her, she hadn’t told him that she expected him to not sleep with anyone else whom he was dating much sooner.

This was, among other things, a communication issue. You need to tell people your expectations, especially if they are hardly universal.

Susie ended up going home, at which point Clayton poured his heart out to Gabby and to Rachel.

Having faced such a shock, he didn’t want either of them to feel lied to or deceived by, let’s face it, normal dating practices.

Clayton had fallen in love with all three of his Final Three, which probably happens more than people realize.

However, he ended up with Susie. Not the first time that a lead has ended up with someone who was sent home.

All’s well that ends well, and this clearly worked out for the best for all four of the people involved.

Clayton and Susie have a chance to make things work out, and Gabby and Rachel are both getting to shoot their shots again with their own array of suitors.