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Early Thursday morning, we reported the exciting news that Britney Spears and Sam Asghari were getting married.

We all knew that they were engaged and had set the date. Until then, we didn’t know that the date was set for Thursday, June 9.

As delighted as we all are, there was a shocking sour point to the nuptials.

Britney’s first husband (of 55 hours), Jason Alexander, crashed the venue, storming around and demanding to see her. Police were called.

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On Thursday afternoon, Britney’s ex Jason Alexander (not to be confused with the beloved Seinfeld actor) took to Instagram Live.

The breathy audio on the video casts light upon his intentions and his state of mind.

"Where’s Britney at?" his voice can be heard demanding at several locations, while dedicated staff pursue him and try to prevent him from his goal.

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On Instagram Live, Jason tried to tell event security that Britney had invited him.

It sounds like they did not believe him, or that his behavior otherwise warranted intervention.

During the audio, Jason insisted that Britney was his first and only wife, declaring his intention to crash the actual event.

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Perhaps event security was not fully in place prior to the actual wedding beginning — we see caterers and other professionals, but not much in the way of guests.

It appears that Jason made it into Britney’s actual house, livestreaming from there.

He was restrained, and police were called in response to a trespassing report.

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Britney famously married Jason in a spontaneous Vegas ceremony.

The 2004 marriage lasted only 55 hours after the wedding.

Unfortunately, not everyone moves on in a healthy manner.

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Britney’s attorney Mathew Rosengart gave a statement to Page Six‘s Nicholas Hautman, who tweeted the quote: 

"Jason Alexander has been handcuffed, taken into custody and arrested. …" the statement confirmed.

"I look forward to working with the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department," Rosengart continued, "to ensure he is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law."

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Jason Alexander, who was arrested earlier this year on stalking charges, somehow made his way onto the property and into her home.

It may be that security was mostly just stalling him until authorities arrived.

Multiple times, he could be heard loudly insisting that no one lay hands upon him … even though he was the one in the wrong.

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However, many are concerned that something went awry days ago in terms of Britney’s safety.

News that she was marrying Sam on Thursday only leaked late on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, it is speculated — though not proven — that Jason may have been casing her home for days, implying foreknowledge of the event.

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Fortunately, it does not sound like anyone was injured. We all know that this could have been infinitely worse.

The grim part of it, however, is that news of this alarming behavior is overshadowing what should be one of the most meaningful moments of Britney’s life.

The sensational story of a deranged stalker — already infamous for the brevity of their marriage — barging into the venue and livestreaming it … that’s a distraction.