Taylor Swift Honors Russell Westbrook with Most Random Video of All-Time

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For the first time in league history, the NBA hosted a special awards ceremony on Monday night.

It was emceed by Drake and it took place well after the regular season ended and it was considered pretty random and unnecessary by most fans who follow the sport.

But the randomness of the of the event itself was overshadowed toward the end of the event, once Taylor Swift popped up in a video to pay tribute to MVP Russell Westbrook.

For some reason.

Taylor Swift Video Picture

“Remember, I was the one who taught you to play basketball," Swift jokes in the footage below, adding:

"I was the one who taught you to dribble, to shoot hoops... I remember the first time you beat me at basketball. I was very upset, and you said… ‘You just have to shake it off.'

"So essentially we have each other to thank for these careers."

Swift was just yanking our chains, of course.

She went on to say she's never even met Westbrook, which is what made this cameo so baffling.

Russell Westbrook MVP Speech

Swift has remained almost entirely out of the spotlight since last summer, barely updating her Instagram page, not releasing any new music and only showing up behind the scenes to troll Katy Perry on occasion.

So... how did she up up playing a role in the NBA Awards? Speaking about a player she had never spoken to?

It's a mystery.

In June of 2013, however, Westbrook made a Vine video of himself singing along to Swift’s single “22."

And in May of 2015, a video of the Thunder point guard singing “Bad Blood” went viral.

So there's some connection here? We guess?

Either way, Swift's video gives us a chance to share the following photo of Westbrook, who recently welcomed his first child into the world:

Russell Westbrook Diaper Bag Pic

And that makes this entire thing worthwhile.

Check out Swift's message for Westbrook below:

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