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The only thing dumber than showing up to a place after being warned to stay away is being a grown-ass man who attacks other men because of some personal feud and a series of insults.

So that doesn’t cast Safaree Samuels or Meek Mill in a very good light after the alleged physical altercation that took place outside the BET Awards.

We have the video (below), but the new report about the warning that Safaree had received casts new light on it.

Meek Mill in Black
Photo via Getty Images for Fanatics

You might remember that Meek Mill and Safaree have an ex in common.

None other than Nicki Minaj.

And when Safaree started dating Nicki, it definitely stirred the Meek Mill/Safaree Samuels feud.

But apparently their beef with each other is over more than Nicki.

(Though Nicki Minaj is amazing and would be more than enough for anybody to feud over)

Safaree in White
Photo via Getty

No, apparently Meek Mill and Safaree Samuels have been exchanging insults over the past year.

Which, even though these are grown adults who were just exchanging words, apparently made Meek Mill feel the need to lash out with violence.

All of that quarreling was just a build-up to what happened outside of the BET awards.

Right now it hasn’t been proven who attacked whom.

Or even that an attack for sure took place.

… Though one could argue that the video speaks for itself.

But TMZ reports that Meek Mill had warned Safaree Samuels to not show up at the BET Awards.

A ridiculous thing for one alleged adult to say to another.

But it’s also pretty silly to just ignore that until the two of you are face to face.

Meek Mill in a Jacket
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We can tell you that the dramatic moment that Meek Mill pulls up and Safaree sees him and responds is priceless.

You could have had a script and a director and not gotten a better scene.

Also, serious shout-out to Safaree and to Meek for having themselves and their minions …

(Or whatever they’d prefer for their minions to be called)

… conveniently color-coded for the convenience of viewers.

Meek Mill and the men who appear to be his associates are in black, while Safaree is in white.

Safaree Has Abs for Days
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Maybe we shouldn’t laugh.

Like, the fact that this level of escalating pettiness seems to have existed between these men is a sad thing for humanity.

But, at the same time, the video is kind of a much-watch.

Sometimes it’s okay to be entertained by things without condoning them.

For example: Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

But also, this video: