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Well, we suppose this was inevitable.

All of the women in the Abraham family have made efforts to break into the world of pop music, and now, it seems it’s 11-year-old Sophia’s turn.

First, there was "Blowin’" Farrah’s 2014 single that became the stuff of legend, both for its awful innuendos, and the ear-splitting horrors of its melody.

Then, it was Debra Danielsen’s chance to rock the mic.

As in Farrah’s mom, and Soph’s grandma. You might remember that she tried to launch a career as a rapper named Debz OG.

Debra Danielsen All Fancy

Or maybe you successfully managed to block that traumatic event out of your mind, in which case, we are impressed.

And we sincerely apologize for bringing it up.

Anyway, Sophia is officially following in the not-so-proud footsteps of her mom and grandma by dabbling in a career in music.

Rocking a Red Carpet

The homeschooled fourth-grader has released a song with the baffling title of  – we’re not kidding – "Bestie Best Friend."

Naturally, there’s a music video to accompany the track, and naturally, said video features a painfully awkward cameo from Farrah.

Here’s Sophia’s mom performing a suggestive act on a lollipop in a music intended for children …

It never ends with her. Vintage Farrah.

The good news is, we suppose, that the song is somewhat less terrible than the music churned out by Farrah and Debra.

The bad news is, that’s a low bar.

Sophia Abraham Drinking Juice

Look, we take no pleasure in making fun of an 11-year-old’s creative efforts. Nor do we wish to stifle them.

But in this case, should we try to stifle them, or at the very least, wish that this child could be, well, a child?

Farrah’s fingerprints are all over this thing, and in all likelihood, the song wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for her.

Rocking a Red Carpet

In our minds, that makes it fair game. As does the fact that Abraham is acting as the administrator of sorts here.

As The Ashley’s Reality Roundup points out, Farrah wisely decided to disable comments and up/down voting.

But that hasn’t stopped Farrah’s followers from sounding off on her Instagram page.

Failing Fast

“It’s so sad this kid made a song about best friends and has none,” wrote one critic.

“Poor Sophia. Let her have some real friends,” another chimed in.

“Be a mom. Not a best friend. This is honestly so sad."

We have to say we don’t disagree.

Farrah Abraham and Sophia Abraham Get Weird on Tik Tok
(Tik Tok)

Opines another fan: "She’s 11. She should have real friends in her first video. Not her trampy ‘mom.’”

No reason to call Farrah a tramp to make that point, but the age-appropriateness is a real concern.

And to be fair, Sophia does have an age-appropriate co-star in the clip.

Farrah and Sophia Abraham Selfie

But apparently, she only recently met the girl playing her bestie best friend … in an acting class, of course.

Yes, Farrah is clearly laser-focused on turning Sophia into a star, regardless of how Sophia feels about it.

Check out the video you’ll never be able to un-see.