Kourtney and Kim Kardashian Come to BLOWS in Shocking New KUWTK Promo

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Keeping Up With The Kardashians already aired a teaser for the new season in which Khloe receives some awkward news about Tristan.

That, it turns out, was nothing. Not when you comare it to Kim and Kourtney coming to blows -- literally -- as their sisterly spat turns violent.

Khloe Kardashian is Agog

"Why do you have to have an attitude?" Khloe asks -- presumably speaking to Kourtney.

Her tone conveys exhasperation, frustration, and a degree of emotional exhaustion. She's so tired of this.

While texting, Kourt retorts to Khloe: "Don't involve yourself in business that is not yours."

Kourtney sounds distracted by her phone during the exchange.

Kourtney Kardashian is Severely Displeased

Meanwhile, Kim looks like she wants to butt in and is only holding back by the skin of her teeth.

Kourtney's suggestion that Khloe butt out of her personal affairs sounds reasonable.

But Khloe's clapback makes even more sense.

"Then don't talk about it in front of me," Khloe replies. You know what? That's 100% fair.

Kim Kardashian Wants to Throw Down

Up next, we see the moment when Kim, over video chat, tells Khloe that she has invited Tristan Thompson to dinner.

Tristan is Khloe's cheating baby daddy. His first cheating scandal was blown wide open one day before she went into labor.

Against all common sense, she took him back, only to once again be humiliated by another cheating scandal.

It's no surprise to see how uncomfortable Khloe looks at this news. She and Tristan are co-parents, but a dinner invite is a bit much.

Khloe Kardashian Gets Awkward News

We see Scott Disick looking shocked, though of course out of context shots can mean anything.

Speaking of out of context, we then see beautiful Kendall speaking very wisely to someone, about someone else.

"She can't just sit back and be like, 'All right, I was wrong,'" Kendall says -- and the promo would have you believe that she's chatting with Khloe.

Kendall could be speaking about Kourtney, about Caitlyn, about Jordyn Woods for all that we know. Only time will tell.

Kourtney Kardashian Attacks Kim Kardashian

"You have nothing to say!" Kourtney aggressively accuses Kim in an incredibly heated moment.

Kourt then throws a water bottle at her and shoves Kim, who is seated on the floor.

We then see Kim standing, admonishing Kourtney "Don't ever come at me like that!"

As you can see in the video and in these gifs, things get physical oncea gain.

Kim Kardashian Retaliates Against Kourtney Kardashian

These are two grown women with seven children between them but they're acting like poorly adjusted 8-year-olds.

Maybe it's a lack of emotional maturity or maybe it's the magic of having a camera on them that's making them foolish.

Our guess? A little bit of both. Reality TV enhances what's already there beneath the surface, you know?

Kendall then characterizes -- without any useful context -- that "buttons have been pushed."

Kendall Jenner Spells it Out

Keeping Up With The Kardashians is moving to Thursday nights.

The new season premieres in one month, on March 26 -- auspiciously, that is Danielle Bregoli's birthday.

There may be some sort of wailing and gnashing of teeth from some tabloids over how this airing on a different night spells doom for the show.

If it comes up, we'll give the topic some coverage and some actual analysis if ratings take a nosedive.

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