Sheryl Underwood Slams the Duggars for "Rationalizing" Sexual Abuse

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While pretty much the entire Internet is enraged over everything Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar said during their interview this week with Megyn Kelly, Sheryl Underwood has an especially personal reason to be offended.

The Talk panelist broke down yesterday in discussing the Josh Duggar molestation case and how his parents have defended him... because she herself was a victim of sexual abuse as a child.

"I’m probably the only person at this table that went through that,” she told her co-hosts, fighting back tears. “And I went through that, 3, 4, 5 years old. You know something is wrong.

"And if nobody listens to you, and nobody’s going to stop it, whether I’m asleep or not - I didn’t sleep, I learned to stay up as long as I could."

Underwood went on to say the Duggars acted as a “co-conspirator” to the “violation” committed by their son, slamming the parents for how they are seeming “to rationalize sexual assault and molestation.”

You can watch the appalling Duggar interview here to see what Underwood means.

Sheryl received a standing ovation after completing her emotional speech, which she capped via the following words:

"These parents are wrong. There’s no way you can say this as parents. Families gotta protect families, and don’t rationalize violation."

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