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Last week, Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron spent the night together. The hunky model was spotted leaving her home the next morning.

Now, after Tyler’s date with Gigi Hadid, Hannah is addressing that sleepover and comparing it to the fantasy suites.

She’s also weighing in on Tyler’s chances as the next Bachelor. Take a look:

Hannah is not denying that she and Tyler spent some quality time together.

"We definitely hung out and talked about everything and…" Hannah acknowledges in an interview with Entertainment Tonight.

But she wants to clearify that her visit with Tyler was not at all like her windmill time earlier this year.

"I know nobody will believe me [about] just hanging out and actually talking," she admits.

"But it was good to be able to catch up," Hannah says. "We had a lot to talk about."

Ogling Tyler

She also admits that it’s totally weird to talk about any of this.

"We are trying to figure out how we feel," Hannah admits.

"I have feelings," she clarifies. "But I’m also single."

"And he’s single," Hannah notes. "And I wanna keep my options open."

She of course makes it very clear: "and he can keep his options open."

Tyler Cameron Gets Dumped

"I don’t know where he’s at with wanting to be the Bachelor," Hannah admits.

She speculates: "I think he has his options open as well,"

"And if the Bachelor is one of those options," Hannah says. "Then I guess I’ll support him."

She says that she’ll do so "if that’s what he wants to do."

If she doesn’t sound terribly enthusiastic on that subject, consider that she’s also thinking of dating him.

Photo via ABC

"I am single," Hannah reminds the world. "And people slide into my DMs if they want to."

"But," she notes. "I just got out of an engagement and dating 30 men."

Both of those sound exhausting under the best of circumstances. Considering the drama involved, Hannah’s circumstances were less than best.

"[Dating] is not really not my sole focus right now," Hannah emphasizes.

That’s no real surprise. Sometimes, you need to take a step back after a serious relationship.

Hannah and Tyler on the Finale

"I’m working on Hannah and loving Hannah," Hannah says.

Good for her! That’s totally the right thing to do.

"And so you know," she tells the world. "If that means going to have a drink again with somebody else, then I’m all for it."

In other words, the Bachelor Nation should not be too surprised if Hannah is spotted drinking or dining with another man.

It doesn’t mean that she’s boning him. It means that she’s talking to him.

Is Tyler really going to be the next Bachelor? He’s certainly a fan-favorite for the role.

But fans don’t get to make these decisions, or Peter Kraus would have been the leading man years ago.

And Chris Harrison says that Tyler won’t be the Bachelor because, get this, he’s going on dates.

Most people would see Tyler spending time with Hannah and then dating Gigi Hadid as part of his ongoing quest for love — what the franchise is all about.

But apparently Chris and some others on the show view it as a sign of Tyler’s "insincerety," valuing the perks of fame over love.

Anybody involved with Arie Luyendyk Jr. being the Bachelor has a whole lot of nerve calling any candidate "insincere."