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Home towns, baby, let’s go!

So screams Peter Weber to open ABC’s in-depth look at scenes to come on The Bachelor’s all-new episode Monday.

However, you don’t need The Bachelor spoilers to see that Pilot Pete isn’t really yelling … he’s crying. Confessing.

Peter Weber in Tears
Photo via ABC

The polarizing reality star made his biggest headlines as a suitor for Hannah Brown, when he slept with her on the show.

Specifically, when he took it to The Bachelorette beauty four times in one night, in one windmill during their courtship.

That’s some kind of feat.

Peter and Hannah 4 Eva?
Photo via ABC

How do you even perform that … never mind, we don’t need to draw you a picture. It was memorable is the point.

He’s since tried to shed his reputation as an intercourse fiend by saying that he’s more than just an animal in bed.

This season, though …

Photo via ABC

Thus far, his run as The Bachelor has featured perhaps more spit-swapping and sexual conversation than any lead in history.

And this isn’t about to change, either.

While there are plenty of tears shed and many emotions relayed in this new trailer, the pertinent segments center around…

… yes, you guessed it … S-E-X.

We have one woman talking about her plans to remain a virgin until marriage and then we have Peter telling a mystery woman:

"I don’t want this to feel like it’s all about sex, but … six days prior I was intimate with someone else."

Who did he sleep with? To whom is he spilling this secret and what will be that young woman’s reaction to this bombshell?

The preview also makes it look like cameras will be allowed to get up close and far more personal than ever before.

We see the 28-year-old Peter and his women making out (hard!) in bed and behind a steamy closed door.

There’s also an exchange with Victoria Fuller (below) that will likely leave the Internet buzzing.

Victoria Fuller on The Bachelor
Photo via ABC

"I’m just asking for the truth," Peter tells her.

"Well, it doesn’t matter anymore, Peter," she says.

"Are you kidding me right now?" he asks.

"How are we even supposed to move forward from this? And you’re supposed to meet my family tonight?" Victoria says through tears.

Elsewhere, you may not believe this, but multiple (as in more than one) women claim to be "falling in love" with Peter.

Crazy, right??

Oh, and multiple parents express their hesitation about this whole thing during the always-awkward home town visits.

As for the big finale? 

Julie LaPlaca
Photo via Instagram

The one which contains a twist involving Hannah Ann Sluss? Or Madison Prewett … or Peter and a producer (above)?

We’re treated to glimpses at this dramatic episode as well.

Most notably, host-pimp Chris Harrison tells Weber about something he simply has to know that the crew just found out.

Oh my God, Peter utters, before we once again witness Weber’s mom crying and telling her son not to let someone go.

Photo via ABC

"It’s what love stories are made out of," she explains. "God has placed her here for you. Bring her home to us."

Rumors abound as to whom Mrs. Weber is referring, and it certainly appears (to us) that it’s Madison. Right?

From everything we’ve watched and various Bachelor spoilers we’ve read, that would be our guess. How about you?

Any theories? Watch this video and see!