The Bachelor Spoilers: Which Finalist is Hiding Virginity From Peter??

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Well, we're in the homestretch for Peter Weber's season of The Bachelor.

With just six contestants remaining, Pilot Pete is gathering intel in preparation for the biggest decision of his life.

Peter Weber with a Rose

Soon, he'll be winnowing down the group down to the final four, at which point, we'll enter the hometown round, and Peter will pay visits to each of the ladies' families.

Usually, by this point in the season, we have a pretty good sense of who's still standing in the finale, thanks to the diligent effort of spolier-master Reality Steve.

This year, however, the show's producers have done a better-than-usual job of keeping the results a secret.

Peter Weber as a Pilot

Some have even gone so far as to suggest that Peter is not engaged to anyone, and will wait until the season-ending After the Final Rose special to pop the question.

If that's the case, then it's an ingenious way of keeping the outcome under wraps, and we'll likely be seeing more of it in the future.

Of course, even if Peter hasn't proposed yet, he almost certainly knows who he wants his future wife to be - and now, we might know, too.

A Good Bachelor Laugh

This is the part where we warn you that The Bachelor spoilers lie ahead.

So, you know, if you wish to be surprised by the way the rest of the season unfolds, you should walk yourself out to the chauffeured Escalade waiting outside.

Okay, now that the spoiler-phobes are gone, let's get down to business:

Peter Weber and His Ladies

As Reality Steve pointed out this week, one of the remaining contestants is a virgin -- and Peter doesn't know it yet.

"There is an [in-the-moment interview] of Victoria saying, 'I can't believe she waited this long to tell him she's a virgin,'" he tweeted.

"I can confirm that Victoria is speaking about Madison there."

Madison P. Photo

Yes, it seems Madison Prewett is the gal who's still clutching her v-card.

Chris Harrison, sort of confirmed that fact in his preseason comments about Prewett.

"She is a recruiter that matches foster parents with children, so this is a good girl," Harrison said at the time.

Madison  P.

For all you newcomers out there, "good girl" is basically Bachelor speak for virgin.

Okay, so Madison makes her big reveal, and she and Peter enjoy a chaste night in the Fantasy Suite.

Big deal, right? Well, there could be more to it than that.

Hannah Ann

We already know that Madison makes it to Peter's final two along with Hannah Ann Sluss (above).

Madison has the distinct advantage of having already met Peter's parents, and it seems she made quite an impression on them.

The Webers are a pious bunch, just like Madison, and in the same extended preview that gave us the bit about the secret virgin, we see Peter's mom strongly nudging him in one direction.

Madison Prewett on Instagram

Reality Steve tweeted:

"The most interesting part of the season preview is the last :20 seconds that's a clip of Peter's mom Barbara, crying with her voice shaking saying to Peter, 'Don't let her go, don't let her go ..."

"(Camera pans to Peter)...bring her home to us.'"

For obvious reasons, many Bachelor fans have jumped to the conclusion that Mrs. Weber is talking about Madison.

The question now - assuming that our man Steve is correct, of course - is will Peter follow his mother's advice?

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