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These days, Ashley Jacobs admits that dating Thomas Ravenel was the low point of her life. Months ago, she felt differently.

After Ashley crashed the magnificent Patricia Altschul’s party, Patricia did not mince words, calling her "insane and a moron."

What was Ashley thinking? She tries to explain her bizarre behavior below:

Ashley Jacobs Crashes the Party

Last week’s Southern Charm included a scene so incredible that we can’t help but relive it.

Patricia Altschul hosted a party and Ashley Jacobs had the absolute gall to crash it.

Kathryn Dennis was visibly shocked to see her old enemy barge into the room as if she were a welcome guest and not an intruder.

Patricia, however, was not shocked. She wasn’t going to put anything past Ashley.

In fact, she had hired a bodyguard specifically for such an occassion.

Photo via Bravo

Patricia offered Ashley a warm greeting while giving a smile and a nod to a man across the room.

That man had been hired for one purpose: the swift and courteous removal of Ashley in case she should show up.

He came over and escorted Ashley from the room.

At this point, Ashley lashed out, of course, insisting that she "knows what Patricia did."

Afterwards, Patricia characterised Ashley as "insane and a moron."

Patricia Altschul: Ashley Jacobs is a Moron

Ashley is trying to explain her bizarre behavior in an interview with Entertainment Tonight.

"I thought, ‘What do I have to lose?" Ashley recalls.

"At this point," she describes. "I’m gonna let them remember me."

"If I’m gonna go down," Ashley continues. "I might as well just have some fun with this."

"This is what I was thinking," she explains.

Ashley Jacobs on Season 5

"[Patricia] said some things that just weren’t kind about Kathryn," Ashley claims.

"And," she continues. "She was trying to get me to troll Kathryn and do some things… do her dirty work!"

Blaming Patricia seems like an odd alternative to taking responsibility for your own deranged behavior, but whatever.

"I went to the press and she felt so attacked by that," Ashley says. "And from that point on, she made my life a living hell."

"She made my life a living hell," she claims. "And all of a sudden, Kathryn was her best friend. Go figure."

Ashley Jacobs on Insta

As for when she crashed the party, Ashley was not expecting a professional bodyguard to be waiting in the wings specifically for her.

"I thought maybe she’s — she wrote a book on class, manners — I thought, maybe she’s going to be the epitome of all that," Ashley says.

"Maybe I’m gonna walk in that room," she says. "And she’ll pull me aside like a Southern lady does. Say, ‘Let’s talk.’"

Ashley explains her expectations: "You know, ‘There’s some feelings…’ or ‘How are you?"

Maybe last season. This season, Patricia wasn’t putting up with any nonsense, clearly.

Ashley Jacobs Winks

"It was just a blur,” Ashley describes. “I saw her and beelined it toward her."

"And for a second she gave me a look, ’cause I said, ‘Patricia, can I talk to you?’ And she gave me a look," she recalls.

"She turned around," Ashley adds. "And I thought she was gonna tell her guests, ‘Excuse me.’"

But no — the look was for her bodyguard, who very briskly escorted Ashley out of the party.

Don’t go where you’re not wanted. That’s not just a southern thing — it’s all but universal.