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For the record, we do not recommend anyone break his or her arm.

Hear that, readers?

We are NOT saying you should go out and break your arm. That would be a very painful thing to do.

However, perhaps the following video will make you feel better if you ever do break your arm… because it looks like getting it fixed can be a ton of fun!

At least for one young man.

His name is Brandon, he was given some anesthesia for his medical procedure and he appears to have just had the time of his life.

That’s because Brandon apparently believes he recently got back from Dubai.

And just how was the trip? It was totally "lit," man!

Brandon bought himself a "camel" and also "billions of strippers." Yes, billions of strippers.

We had no idea Dubai was so well stocked with women of the night, did you?

Check out the following footage and don’t feel bad if you can’t stop laughing over Brandon’s injury.

He certainly has no problem doing so!

Get better soon, Brandon.

And please bring a camera phone to your next doctor’s appointment if you need any follow-up surgery.