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90 Day: The Single Life‘s second season premieres on Friday, November 12.

Natalie Mordovtseva is one of the singles on the Discovery Plus spinoff, having left Mike Youngquist.

She didn’t just leave his house — she moved as far away as possible, to Florida.

As you can see in this sneak peek, Natalie is excited to flirt and mingle. But she’s still deeply weird.

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37-year-old Natalie Mordovtseva is originally from Ukraine.

We all watched her story unfold as she was engaged to and then (barely) married Mike Youngquist.

It wasn’t even ten months after their wedding date before they separated for good.

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Now a denizen of Florida, Natalie is open to dating again.

She has a friend, Julia, who is not either of the women named "Julia" with whom she has shared screen time in the past.

This Julia has invited her out to a beach party on the Fourth of July, 2021.

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"I feel like I’m kind of celebrating my Independence-ish," Natalie jokes to the camera.

In a cute halter top, Natalie is eager to "get out and meet new people."

She has visibly dialed the flirtation up to 11, as seen by her body language and how she talks to men.

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This is a very short sneak peek clip, but we can see plenty.

Natalie learns the rules of cornhole, which sounds like a euphemism but is actually a pretty fun passtime involving underhanded bean bag tosses.

Wait, that sounds like a euphemism, too. Never mind.

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Seriously, Natalie meets a guy named Josh and her totally insincere "oh, wow" had us cracking up.

There’s polite interest, and then there’s "pretending to be interested in what a man is doing."

Natalie is doing the latter as she learns the ins and outs of what he’s up to.

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In the sneak peek, it is very clear that Natalie has not changed at all.

She is still quirky, tilting her head and openingher eyes wide in a way that reminds some fans of an owl.

Natalie is a beautiful woman, but she is intense and deeply quirky in a way that has rubbed some viewers the wrong way.

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Of course, it’s not clear how viewers will respond to Natalie this season.

Sometimes, the way that the audience views reality stars can change dramatically between seasons.

A major factor is editing, but growth, maturity, and context can go a long way.

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Most of the issues that people had with Natalie — the real issues, anyway — had to do with her relationship with Mike.

People thought that she was unkind to him. People thought that he was unkind to her.

Unfortunately, both groups were right — they were two flawed people who were not compatible, no matter how much they cared about each other.

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More recently, however, Natalie has been actively alienating her former fans.

How? By voicing her support for convicted domestic abuser Geoffrey Paschel.

The well-deserved backlash was enough that Natalie temporarily deleted her Instagram rather than admit that she was wrong.

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Obviously, Natalie filmed this months before Geoffrey’s trial and long-overdue conviction.

On November 12, we will begin to learn where her mind was when she was looking for new romance after leaving Mike.

As for how fans will react to her … only time will tell.