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In June of 2019, Geoffrey Paschel was arrested for a brutal domestic assault against his then-fiancee.

A very short time later, he filmed for 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days, where he pursued two different women.

After months of delays, many pertaining to the pandemic, Geoffrey was finally brought to trial.

Geoffrey’s victim’s heartbreaking testimony was not in vain. The jury found him guilty on all counts.

On Thursday, October 7, Geoffrey Paschel was found guilty of aggravated kidnapping.

He was found guilty of domestic violence.

And he was found guilty of interfering with an emergency call.

Convicted on all three counts of the indictment, Geoffrey’s sentencing hearing is scheduled for December 3.

Until then, he will remain in custody.

Geoffrey is facing up to 24 years in prison for his brutal crimes.

As many watching the livestream suspected and 90 Day Fiance blogger John Yates confirmed, Mary Wallace was in attendance.

Viewers will remember her for her love triangle with Geoffrey and with Varya Malina.

It is grim that Mary — or anyone — would willingly associate with Geoffrey, considering the unforgivable acts of cruelty and violence that he has committed.

In June of 2019, Kristen Wilson was a fourth grade teacher engaged to Geoffrey Paschel.

In her home, he attacked her, slamming her face into walls and into the floor during the beating.

Police were easily able to corroborate many parts of her story because the attack left her blood smeared and splattered throughout the house.

The effects upon Kristen herself were gruesome, with her body covered in bruises, bleeding wounds, and other injuries.

She also had marks on her body consistent with being dragged from place to place in the house during the attack.

And, as the charges against him suggested, Geoffrey did more than direct violence.

After forcing her to wipe away the blood from her face, Geoffrey damaged her phone to prevent her from calling for help.

He also prevented her from leaving — but Kristen mustered tremendous courage to seize her first chance to escape.

It was a risk, but she was able to flee to a neighbor’s house. There, she was safe, and could contact authorities.

Geoffrey Paschel at trial

Kristen was far from the first woman to accuse Geoffrey of this exact type of brutal violence.

Multiple exes of his, including at least two ex-wives that we know of, described similar horrors.

One ex fled to Canada to escape him. One of his children was born while he allegedly held the mother captive.

Geoffrey Paschel mugshot

Those were accusations; Kristen’s case got a conviction.

Geoffrey’s prior history of arrests and spending time behind bars had more to do with drugs.

Even so, many fans of the show have wondered why in the world 90 Day Fiance cast this monster in the first place.

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way star Corey Rathgeber expressed this sentiment, noting that there are extensive background checks.

Carmen Nys, former friend of Larissa Lima, remarked accurately on how serious all of this is.

And Laura Jallali defended her own notorious (but much less serious than Geoffrey’s) history.

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way alum Deavan Clegg celebrated this welcome verdict along with the rest of us.

As a survivor of domestic abuse herself, she always took this very seriously.

Her mother, Elicia Clegg, followed the case closely and viewed the Court TV livestream, even chatting with other watchers during the trial.

Jon Walters is a 90 Day Fiance alum known for speaking his mind very directly.

While he has in the past called out domestic abusers with righteous fury, many fans were horrified to see him act in a friendly manner towards Geoffrey.

We cannot imagine why he ever offered Geoffrey the benefit of the doubt, but he promises that that is gone — and so is the friendship.

90 Day Fiance Before: Geoffrey Scolds Varya

Varya Malina clearly glimpsed part of Geoffrey’s true nature as he manipulated and lashed out at her on camera.

But it’s unclear if she ever saw the real Geoffrey in the way that Kristen did on that fateful day in June. We hope not.

Varya has often played coy about her relationship status. Now, she’s clearly not in the mood to answer questions.

Following Geoffrey’s conviction, Varya’s Instagram account seemingly vanished.

Fans suspect that she has deactivated the account.

We can only speculate as to her motives.

Geoffrey Paschel Petition Part 01 Of 03

As for Corey’s question about why production would cast Geoffrey … they probably thought that it would make them money.

It took a tremendous push from fans who signed petitions and reached out to advertisers to get Geoffrey axed.

Similar efforts have not worked for creep Big Ed Brown or verbally abusive Angela Deem. Production refuses to learn lessons from this.

Just look at this season’s cast of The Other Way — one of Corey’s castmates, Victor McLean, has a domestic violence record.

Credit where credit is due: at least it was brought up on camera so that viewers are aware of it.

Viewers who don’t follow 90 Day Fiance news online have no idea why Geoffrey wasn’t on the Tell All. That should not be; not when it’s this serious.