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When Ariela Weinberg told Biniyam Shibre that she would never return to Ethiopia, she meant it.

It wasn’t solely because Biniyam cheated while their baby got surgery, though that was a huge factor.

Ari warned him that to get their relationship back on track, they would need to move to Kenya and mend things.

So why isn’t he bothering to pick up the phone on the day of the big move?

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Biniyam Shibre was a bad partner to Ariela for a long time before things reached a breaking point.

Not answering his phone when she called and being seemingly obsessed with partying was weird.

The cheating was too far, and Ariela told him that if he didn’t take huge steps, they’d be over.

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In this sneak peek of Sunday’s new episode of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way, Ariela is prepared to take that huge step.

Yet even as she packs her things to go live with Biniyam in Kenya and start fresh, she reveals that she cannot get in touch with him.

If Biniyam isn’t taking this seriously, she fears that she might have to work out a custody agreement with him and let that be it.

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Packing with her mother, Janice, Ariela talks about how she knows that she has to do what is best.

She wants baby Avi to grow up in a loving, healthy home with both parents.

At the same time, she needs Biniyam to be responsible and at least try to be a good partner.

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Janice agrees and notes that this is one of the things that Ari and Bini need to work on during this trip.

Ariela is a mom now, so she needs to put Avi’s needs over her own desires — even if it means leaving Bini for good.

Of course, Janice plans on helping Ariela and Biniyam avoid this nuclear option, if she can.

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Janice also reveals that she is planning to come along with Ariela.

She says that she wants to be there to guide the couple on this next step of hopefully repairing their relationship.

Janice likely wants to continue to be the voice of reason … and knows that Biniyam is on his best behavior when she’s around.

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Ariela cannot help but remark during the sneak peek that it’s hard to be optimistic at a time like this.

If Biniyam can’t be bothered to answer his phone today, of all days, then what hope is there?

Does he even have any interest in being a good partner or saving the relationship?

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For that matter, is he even planning to meet her there in Kenya?

Ariela picked the city carefully — one familiar to both of them, and in fact the place where Avi was conceived.

Biniyam also does not need a visa to travel to Kenya, which makes things much easier.

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One thing that this sneak peek does not address is that there is another reason for them to not be in Ethiopia.

Right now, the nation has been ravaged by civil war including brutal war crimes committed by both rebel and state forces.

It’s not place for a baby. It’s no place for an adult — especially with rebels threatening to take the capitol, where Ari and Bini lived, soon.

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Another thing is that, since all of this was filmed during 2020, we sort of know some spoilers already.

Ariela and Biniyam are living in the United States, have been spotted filming, and Bini is even promoting American products on Instagram.

Somehow, they make it through all of this. The question is … did Biniyam change, or did Ari give up?