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After many delays to his trial, Geoffrey Paschel was found guilty of a brutal domestic assault.

90 Day Fiance fans and even some of his erstwhile castmates celebrated this welcome news.

Shockingly, Natalie Mordovtseva reacted with sadness at seeing justice done.

She immediately faced intense backlash and has fled Instagram, deleting her profile, all in defense of one terrible man.

In June of 2019, Geoffrey Paschel attacked his then-fiancee Kristen Wilson, a fourth grade teacher, in her home.

He beat her, dragged her throughout her house, and smashed her face into various hard surfaces, leaving her body covered in gruesome injuries.

Geoffrey prevented Kristen from calling for help. Eventually, she was able to escape, fleeing to a neighbor’s home.

Geoffrey was convicted for domestic violence, for kidnapping, and for interfering with an emergency call.

He awaits sentencing in early December, and is facing potential prison time of 12 to 20 years without parole.

Kristen’s courage to press charges and testify against him was not in vain.

Multiple 90 Day Fiance stars joined thousands of fans in celebrating the news.

Deavan Clegg, herself a survivor of domestic violence, expressed relief at the conviction.

But Geoffrey’s on-screen love interest, Varya Malina, deleted her Instagram following the news.

For a long time, fans had feared that despite her insistence upon playing coy on social media, she was still with Geoffrey.

That was alarming because people feared for her safety but also because it made fans worried about her judgment.

Meanwhile, viewers had already worried about the judgment of Natalie Mordovtseva, but few had imagined anything like this.

Natalie Mordovtseva Gives an Intense Look

Natalie had an inexplicable and even affectionate reaction to Geoffrey’s well-deserved conviction.

“I couldn’t believe yesterday tv news,” the upcoming 90 Day: The Single Life star wrote.

“I will pray for you @geoffrey.paschel,” Natalie announced.

That was, to be frank, stunning. 

Fans were uncomfortable enough when Natalie made an April Fool’s Day video with Geoffrey back in April.

At the time, most who were aware of it assumed that she simply had no idea what sort of man Geoffrey truly was.

Natalie Mordovtseva Pouts in the Woods

“We all have our own stories," Natalie later wrote. "We all have suffered."

She claimed: "We all are a little broken and a little shattered inside.”

Natalie incorrectly asserted: "No matter what we have gone through it does not give us the right to disrespect or disregard others on the same journey.”

Natalie Mordovtseva is less than interested in car engines

Some of her more sensible followers replied with their horror and contempt.

"You need to do some soul searching," one gently advised her.

Another bluntly wrote: "I don’t pray for abusers."

Natalie Mordovtseva - Okay, I was wrong

Things became even worse when Natalie unwisely held an Instagram Q&A.

"Why do you support someone who has been found guilty of such horrendous DV crimes?" a fan asked.

“I got many negative comments about me supporting Geoffrey,” Natalie answered. “I think there’s always two sides.”

Geoffrey Paschel at trial

Yes, there are two sides.

One side is Geoffrey’s victim — not the first to accuse him of this, but the first to get justice for it.

The other side is the man who beat the everloving crap out of his former fiancee. That man is Geoffrey Paschel.

Why would Natalie disregard Geoffrey’s true nature (which was no secret to anyone with five seconds and Google access) and his latest victim?

According to her, it was because of her friendship with Varya … which somehow robbed her of her senses.

"I love this girl and I will always be on her side no matter what," Natalie wrote on Instagram in reference to Varya.

Geoffrey and Varya in Moscow

"You can kill me for this," Natalie continued. "I don’t care."

In her tags, she admitted that she was not "objectif" on the subject.

One questions why she decided to publicly weigh in at all since she had such a catastrophically bad take.

Natalie Mordovtseva pets her rat

Clearly, the ongoing backlash got to Natalie.

Unfortunately, instead of publicly walking back her prayers and support for a violent monster, she chose another route.

Natalie deleted her Instagram, following Varya’s footsteps.

Natalie Mordovtseva - I just want family and child (The Single Life s2 preview)

That is a very odd choice for someone who is about to appear on reality TV again.

90 Day: The Single Life premieres its second season on Discovery Plus in less than one month.

Will she reactivate her Instagram on November 12, or just not participate in the social media side of her own season?

One of the bad takes about Geoffrey came from his own account, allegedly written by his son, Dakota.

The post — now deleted, and seen here in a screenshot captured by 90 Day Fiance blogger John Yates — was a fundraising plea.

Presumably, the goal was to raise money for some sort of appeal in order to subvert justice and help Geoffrey avoid his well-deserved fate.

We have to remember that many abusers are skilled manipulators, using both fear and lies to make those around them sympathize with them.

Children of horrible people — from abusers to serial killers — sometimes feel misplaced sympathy for people who do not deserve it.

It may take years of therapy before Geoffrey’s children (the ones in his life, anyway) can admit to themselves what sort of man he truly is.