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90 Day: The Single Life returns on Friday, November 12 with its second season.

The Discovery Plus spinoff of the wildly successful 90 Day Fiance franchise has a unique twist on the premise.

Instead of following existing couples trying to make it, it follows existing stars whose relationships failed.

This season promises two new twists.

The first is that one of the stars was never part of a (romantic) couple on the show — she’s the mom of one of last season’s stars.

The second is that, for the first time ever, two franchise alums fall for each other after striking out with their American exes.

Below, you can check out a detailed breakdown of the trailer.

You can also watch the trailer itself in all of its glory.

This is going to be absolutely nuts … and at one point, very serious.

Content warning: you will hear gunshots during this video, and no, they are not at a shooting range.