Michelle Duggar and Jim Bob Duggar: Mocked by Funny or Die

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There's nothing humorous about the Josh Duggar molestation scandal, that's for certain.

This reality star is accused of inappropriately touching the private parts of five young girls in 2002, some of which were his own sisters. And he has pretty much admitted to the allegations.

But the folks at Funny or Die make a living by mocking celebrities and their scandals.

And Michelle Duggar and Jim Bob Duggar make for some prime mocking targets.

In the above video, stand-ins for the Duggars are used to indict the family for how its statements have focused on Josh and his relatives… as opposed to the actual victims.

“When we were first told about Josh’s mistakes, we did the right thing and we ignored the girl who came forward,” Fake Michelle says, later adding:

“It’s been terrible for us. And Josh. But those are the only three people affected by these mistakes.”

TLC has pulled 19 Kids and Counting from its schedule in the wake of this controversy, while various sponsors have pulled their ads.

Moreover, the parenting strategies of Michelle and Jim Bob have come under fire, with many now wondering about corporal punishment techniques such as blanket training.

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