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Ian Somerhalder made a fan cry in Paris yesterday, but not out joy. Out of anger.

The Vampire Diaries star and his new wife, Nikki Reed, exited a building in this French city and were immediately bombarded by young women.

Typically very accommodating of supporters, Somerhalder told them in this case that he wasn’t in the mood.

"I love you guys, but I’m not taking a single photo today. It’s my day," Ian told the crowd. "Don’t follow us, please. I love you, guys. You’re so good to us. You’re so awesome."

But those words didn’t stop fans from pleading for pictures, or one fan from spilling some tears.

Somerhalder (whose wedding video with Reed is downright precious) raises an interesting debate here:

Are celebrities entitled to any sort of privacy at all? Or must they always heed the desires of their fans?

Check out the footage and decide whether Ian was being a prick… or whether he was being pretty reasonable and kind, given the situation.