Megyn Kelly Duggar Interview Preview

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Last week, Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar agreed to be interviewed for the first time since the Josh Duggar sexual assault scandal.

The embattled couple recently taped a Q&A session with Fox News' Megyn Kelly, and the interview will air in its entirety on Wednesday night.

Last night, Kelly spoke about the interview for the first time, assuring viewers that she intends to live up to her reputation as a "tough but fair journalist," but adding that the sit-down will not be "a cross-examination of a family."

The tide of public opinion has begun to turn against the 19 Kids and Counting clan, as evidenced by a recent People magazine piece about the the opinions of the Duggars' neighbors in their hometown of Tontitown, Arkansas.

Regardless, millions of Duggar supporters will no doubt be tuning in to hear Michelle and Jim Bob give their side of the story tomorrow night.

And of course, the many who have already signed petitions imploring TLC to cancel 19 Kids in the name of decency will be watching as well.

That leaves Megyn Kelly with the unenviable task of leaving both sides with the feeling that she asked the right questions.

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