McKayla Maroney Eyes 2016 Olympics, is Still Not Impressed

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McKayla Maroney has already her sights set on the Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 2016. But please note, she's not doing it to impress you.

She's had 2016 in her mind since her now-famous look of consternation while standing on the platform when she earned a silver for vaulting in London.

"I was standing there thinking, 'Man, now I've got to go to Rio. I was already thinking about what I had to do for 2016," Maroney told the AP this week.

If she can pull it off, it truly will impress people.

Female gymnasts have a small window in which to compete at the Olympic level, since their sport is so hard on their bodies, which change as they age.

Maroney will be 20 in Rio, which in the sport of women's gymnastics is borderline over the hill - or at least a far cry from being 16 at the London games.

McKayla's run to 2016 hit an obstacle when she fell during a dismount on a post-Olympic tour and needed three surgeries to repair a bone in her left leg.

Doctors initially told her she would probably never compete again at the Olympics ... but needless to say, she was not impressed with that diagnosis.

Focusing on the floor exercise and vault as she works herself into top shape, she says, "All I know is I love to do this. I'm going to do it for as long as I can."

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