Loren Brovarnik: Alexei was Finally Approved for American Citizenship!

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90 Day Fiance fan-favorites Loren and Alexei Brovarnik just revealed the sex of their unborn child, but that's just the beginning of the good news.

After years of work, waiting, and of course marriage, Alexei had his final citizenship interview.

Loren Brovarnik and a Sleeping Alexei Brovarnik

"What a busy, yet exciting day!!" Loren Brovarnik captions this adorable photo.

Fans and followers can see her, visibly pregnant, smile in front of her sleepily napping husband, Alexei.

"Our full '90 Day Fiance' process in its entirety has been completed!!" she announces.

In case that was a little too vague, Loren includes the tag: "#wehaveacitizen."

alexei and loren brovarnik IG citizenship announce still

"So, we just had Alex's citizenship interview!" Loren says in a short Instagram Story video that we have included in this post.

"And what happened?" she asks, prompting Alexei to speak.

He cheerfully announces: "I passed it!"

Loren is sure to thank "this amazing lady," their immigration attorney.

Loren Brovarnik IG Alexei citizenship approval

"All smiles today!!" Loren writes on her Instagram Story atop a smiling photo.

She spells it out: "After years of applications, waiting, hard work, and patience, [Alexei] got approve to be a US citizen!"

Technically, however, the champagne-popping will have to wait another fortnight (and be alcohol-free, given that she's pregnant).

"2 weeks until his swearing in ceremony," Loren notes. Congratulations to them both!

Loren and Alexei Brovarnik Get Some Sun

Some 90 Day Fiance fans may struggle to understand why some couples have such wildly different expereinces.

Alexei took only a few years to become a full citizen. Fellow 90 Day Fiance star Jihoon Lee can move to the US whenever he likes.

Meanwhile, to Angela Deem's horror, Michael can't even get a K-1 visa.

And Azan Tefou's storied inability to get a K-1 visa has caused his long-distance rleationship with Nicole Nafziger to drag on and on and on.

Loren and Alexei Brovarnik, Balcony Photo

The truth is that some last names, countries of origin, religions, and skin tones are less welcome than others.

Fortunately for Alexei, the US maintains very close ties with Israel.

We are so happy for him and Loren that they did not have to run into the same walls that some other 90 Day Fiance couples have encountered.

Though some of the white nationalists who are directing immigration policy want to end virtually all legal immigration, their focus is elsewhere -- for now.

Alexei Brovarnik and Loren Brovarnik, Gender Reveal

Loren met Alexei when she traveled to Israel for her birthright trip.

The two of them hit it off right away.

After marrying in Israel, they began the K-1 visa process to bring Alexei to the US.

They soon became favorites among fans who treasured their genuine love for each other.

Loren Brovarnik IG teases baby name reveal

Loren and Alexei are expecting a baby born, whose due date is some time this May.

"We will be sharing the name of our baby boy once he is born," Loren recently answered a curious fan's question in her Instagram Stories.

Some couples announce the name early. Others take weeks or longer after a birth to tell their fans their baby's name.

We are so excited for Loren and Alex to welcome their baby boy into the world -- at which point, they'll be a family of three Americans.

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