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Last week, we reported that Deavan Clegg moved to South Korea because her life was in danger if she remained in the US.

Deavan is now speaking out about one single line of that coverage, a line that acknowledged the harsh reality of current immigration policies.

Taking to Instagram Live, Deavan is declaring that she hasn’t seen much racism in America and doesn’t think that Trump is at all racist.

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"Um, I just read the article and it says somethings about Trump and the administration not liking people of color," Deavan said on Instagram Live.

Big shoutout to 90 Day Fiance blogger John Yates who captured Deavan’s videos, which we have combined and trimmed down for your viewing.

"I’m actually quite pissed off about it," Deavan complains. "We might get hate for this, but Jihoon actually supports Trump."

"I won’t talk about my political views," she adds. "But that’s something we don’t believe at all."

Deavan Clegg is Sleepily Amused

"We don’t believe that just because someone is of color they can’t come to America," Deavan says. "So I’m extremely pissed off about this article."

"We have nothing against the President of the United States," she insists. "We live in Korea, and Jihoon can easily go to America whenever he wants."

"And," Deavan claims. "It’s not an issue for a lot of people."

"So for this article to say some f–ked up s–t about the President really pisses me off," she complains. We’ll quote exactly what the article said in a bit.

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"I don’t care if I lose some followers," Deavan continues. "No matter who my President is, I’m gonna support it. I don’t care who wins."

"Me and Jihoon support whoever the President is at the time," she adds. "Whoever they are."

Bringing up the article again, Deavan adds: "I’m super angry about it."

"I’m super pissed off that this article said … this white nationalist that runs the country," she gripes. "And that makes me mad."

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Deavan explains that she’s angry because "first of all, I’m f–kin’ white. And I’m not racist at all."

"I don’t believe that America is racist," she adds. "I think that people say this s–t to start fights and to start wars and s–t."

"And it’s stupid!" Deavan declares. "I’m so angry about this. And I honestly don’t think that America is racist. I’ve seen very little racism in America."

"… Utah, where I’m from, I see very little racism," she says. "And for this article … calling out Trump supporters, saying Trump supporters are racist."

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That was definitely a lot, and it’s clear that Deavan feels passionately about this. So what is all of this about?

Well, as we previously reported, Deavan’s safety and that of her children was in danger within the US.

Within our reporting, we quoted Deavan extensively and also expressed our fervent desire that Deavan and her children remain safe.

Deavan (or rather, her social media management) shared a link to the post within her Instagram Stories.

However, one line in particular stood out to a handful of readers, and then to Deavan herself.

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When Deavan revealed that her life was in danger from a crazed relative (her aunt), she mentioned Jihoon.

"Jihoon can realistically move to America at any time," she admitted in her Instagram Stories, just as she noted in the video.

The article noted that "the majority of the white nationalists in the Trump administration pushing against immigrants of color" were not focusing upon South Koreans.

The focus of these white nationalists has been primarily upon brown-skinned individuals from Central America, South America, nations in the Middle East and Africa.

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As a number of Deavan’s castmates in the 90 Day Fiance franchise have lamented, it is simply impossible to begin the K-1 visa process for some.

While the one-sentence explanation was not attributed to Deavan and was a single line from a larger article, some of Deavan’s fans … flipped out.

Commenting with that quote, a few fumed on Deavan’s Instagram, declaring that they were "done" following her.

Some, perhaps lacking reading comprehension skills, assumed that Deavan herself had made the observation about current immigration policies.

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While we understand Deavan’s desire to clarify that she hadn’t made a political statement, it’s clear that she went beyond that.

Some fans are delighted to hear that she’s all but come out as a Trump supporter.

Others are horrified about her statements about racism, noting that a white woman not noticing racism doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist … obviously.

She may not see racism in America or in immigration policies, but her 90 Day Fiance castmates beg to differ.

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Avery did not mention Deavan by name in her Instagram Story, but nonetheless addressed the racism that she has witnessed as an American.

Among other things, she notes that people have said hateful things about Omar.

Recognizing that racism exists sometimes means acknowledging that one’s own experiences are not universal.

And, for the record, the article that so incensed Deavan did not actually say that Trump or his supporters were racist.

Instead, it acknowledged that a white nationalist agenda at work within the administraton is severely curbing legal immigration, which is true.