Blake Horstmann Displays Scary Facial Injury, May Require Surgery

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Social media has been abuzz with The Bachelor fans decrying Hannah Brown's return. But she's not the only Bachelor Nation star on people's minds.

Blake Horstmann was the victim of a violent, random attack ... and he may need surgery to repair his face. (Warning: graphic photos)

blake horstmann injured face teaser

"How you thought you would look 6 days into the New Year," Blake Horstmann captioned a teaser on his Instagram Story.

That image showed the side of his face, looking just fine.

Then he shared the other side of his face, depicting how he "actually" looks 6 days into the New Year.

Fans can see obvious swelling after a catastrophic facial injury.

Blake Horstmann Got Punched

"Unfortunately, I was in New York, and a crazy person decided to punch a bunch of us standing there," Blake explains to his followers.

He adds: "I was on the wrong end of one of the punches, unfortunately."

Blake notes that the victims were "me and, like, four other people."

That is truly horrifying -- in terms of the results and in terms of how this random violence took place.

Blake Horstmann on ABC

Blake Horstmann opened up to People about how he's feeling in the wake of this horrific attack.

He says that he is "doing all right," relatively speaking.

"I have a fracture in my orbital floor," Blake reveals, "and so I am waiting to hear if I will need surgery."

He explains that he and doctors "have to let the swelling and bruising go down first."

Blake Horstmann in Paradise

"I don’t know how much of the Bachelor breakdown I’ll be doing," Blake admits to fans.

He explains his reluctance "’cause I don’t think you guys are gonna want to look at my broken face all day."

"It already looks a thousand times better than it did a couple days ago," he assures fans.

Blake adds: "But yeah, if I’m not doing a lot tonight for the recap of The Bachelor, that’s why,"

Blake Horstmann Pic

We're sure that no amount of bruising or swelling will prevent fans from wanting to hear his hot takes on Peter Weber's season.

What does he have to say about Hannah Brown's controversial appearance on the season?

Does he agree with Rachel and others that the outrageously gorgeous Hannah Ann Sluss is the next Luke P?

Fans are going to want to know how he's taking in the new season -- and quite frankly, to watch his recovery for themselves. Get better, dude!

Blake Horstmann

Random acts of violence are frightening because they are well and truly random.

If Blake had been going around challenging people to fights and someone fractured his orbital socket, that would be one thing.

People could then reassure themselves that it could never happen to them, because they do not make such poor choices for themselves.

But it doesn't sound like Blake made any mistakes. He was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time and became some lunatic's next victim.

We hope that he and the other victims make a swift recovery and that the impulsively violent individual gets the help that they so clearly need.

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