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Fresh off of the heels of Danielle Staub’s public brawl with Margaret Josephs airing on television, she has a stunning announcement.

It’s not just that she’s leaving The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Danielle adds a detail that leaves Andy speechless.

Danielle Staub Makes a Stunning Announcement

Danielle Staub was a guest on Watch What Happens Live, where not even Andy knew the full extent of what she planned to say.

"You’ve got an announcement to make," Andy prompts. "Tell us what you’re thinking."

"I have, over the past 12 years and 10 seasons, been a part of this whole franchise," Danielle begins.

We have included the video for your convenience. You really have to see Andy’s face journey for yourself.

Danielle Staub Attends RHONJ Reunion
Photo via Greg Endries/Bravo

Danielle continues: "And I’ve been very happy to rally and stand on the platform and be here with all of you,"

"But it is time for me to leave," she shares.

Danielle then adds: "and do something that I want to do."

She will go into detail on that front, never fear.

Danielle Staub, Sexy at the Beach
Photo via Instagram

Danielle shares that her next venture will be something "that makes my heart happy every day."

"And so," she proclaims, "I will be never returning as a ‘Housewife’ again–"

"Never?!" asks a shocked and stunned Andy.

He knew that she was quitting. He never imagined that it was for good.

Andy Cohen is Shocked
Photo via Bravo

"Wow, she’s saying the word n– Okay, I didn’t know you were going to say the word never," Andy confesses.

But Danielle has a major clarification.

"No, never returning as a ‘Housewife’ again," she confirms, then adding, "With the Jersey girls."

"Oh, so you’re open to New York, and . . ." Andy points out as the audience responds.

Danielle Staub on Wendy Williams
Photo via FOX

"That’s amazing," Andy remarks. "What will you do?"

"I am going to start my own cooking channel," Danielle shares, returning to what Andy knew was coming.

"That’s great," he praises. "You have been cooking up a storm."

"I am loving it," she gushes. "Cooking is therapy to me, so I’m basically calling it Cooking Therapy."

Danielle Staub Smiles
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"I find my peace in the kitchen," Danielle expresses, "and I cook for some of Jillian’s friends."

"They’re over weekly — they were just over every night during the holidays," she notes.

"But there’s up to 30 kids that might stop by," Danielle notes, "and I want to have food for everybody."

Clearly, this is a point of pride for her. Food is a common love language.

Danielle Staub Makes a Return
Photo via Bravo

"I promised there would always be pasta over the 21 years that I’ve known these children," Danielle shares, beaming.

"They stop over, and I’m ‘mom,’ and I feed them," she shares, "and even if they go out, they come home early and eat."

Danielle describes herself as being "all in for food."

Most of us don’t see much of ourselves in Danielle, which is why she is so entertaining on television, but that, at least, is relatable.

Danielle Staub Attends Wine Tasting In New Jersey
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"And I think food is sexy," Danielle remarks, "but it’s gluten- and dairy-free."

Speaking of food, Andy ends the clip by saying that he’s going to "digest" Danielle’s permanent retirement from RHONJ during the commercial break.

It’s not clear whether Danielle just decided to drop off of the show or if her physical fight with Margaret had some role to play.

Regardless, we can all admit that seeing her cook would at least be worth checking out.

In the mean time, which new Real Housewives show do we think that Danielle should join?