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Leah Messer has come so very, very far for a girl who used to rival Jenelle Evans in the category of Teen Mom’s Hottest Mess.

It seems like just yesterday that she was battling an alleged prescription painkiller addiction, nodding off on camera while holding a baby.

In reality, that happened last year, and soon after Leah went off to rehab.

When she got home, she did better for a bit, but she struggled with getting her kids to school on time, and with feeding them. She basically had a tough time with parenting altogether.

Things were so bad that she temporarily lost custody of her twins to their father, Corey Simms.

But she eventually sorted things out, and these days she’s real into posting inspirational messages on social media, and she’s even going back to school.

Leah Messer Straight Hair
Photo via Instagram

Things are definitely looking up for Leah — but in this new clip from Monday’s season premiere of Teen Mom 2, we can’t help but notice that she might be sliding back into her old habits.

Particularly, those habits of being a hot mess mother.

In the clip, Leah is driving with her three-year-old daughter Adalynn in the backseat.

But the car seat the little girl is in … there’s no way that’s legal, right? It looks dangerous and scary and not at all safe.

Check it out in the video below: