Leah Messer Falls Asleep Sitting Up, Holding Baby in Mid-Conversation on Teen Mom 2

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It's a good thing we know she's been to rehab and gotten help already, because Leah Messer may have just hit rock bottom on camera on MTV.

On Thursday's Teen Mom 2 Season 6 Episode 8, the reality star didn't just pass out, she did so sitting up, in mid-conversation ... holding a baby.

Leah Messer Passes Out Sitting Up

If you watch Teen Mom 2 online, you know she has adamantly denied allegations of drug use in arguments with her former husband, Corey Simms.

Leah Messer did this again last night ... just moments before exhibiting bizarre, dangerous behavior while visiting her younger brother, Isaac.

While holding her niece, Bailey, Leah discusses her impending trip to rehab, or as she calls it, “therapy” for “stress and anxiety” treatment.

As she’s holding the baby, Messer’s eyes roll back in her head.

“But I am so, a little tired, and I’ve been sick to my stomach,” she slurs, her head bobbing as the MTV subtitles are called in to translate.

“I don’t want anybody to know where I’m going, really,” she says, almost incoherently. “And I’m trying to make sure Corey’s happy and ...”

Messer appears to pass out at this very moment ...

“Leah?” Issac says as a friend grabs the baby.

Later, in a talk with her mother Dawn, Messer tells a different story than she told Corey earlier, when she angrily denied being a drug addict.

She admits she took painkillers, including Percocet, after a difficult birth with daughter Adalynn (with second ex-husband Jeremy Calvert).

Adalynn is now two, and Leah adds that she stopped popping pills immediately when it became apparent she was becoming dependent.

Is she still in denial about that, though?

After hearing various stories and watching her on screen, and knowing that Leah Messer did go to rehab, you can draw your own conclusion.

Radar reported it was a drug-related issue that landed her in there, though she seems steadfastly reluctant to admit or even hint at that fact.

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