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Leah Messer’s frustrations with co-parenting, former spouses and their current squeezes apparently extend well beyond Corey Simms.

Last week it was Leah Messer slamming Miranda Simms for allegedly not being kind to her daughter and helping carry her backpack.

Now, in a new clip from the season finale, Leah turns her fire on her second ex-husband, Jeremy Calvert, and girlfriend Brooke Wehr.

The scene begins with the mother of three prepping for family barbecue – and looking smoking hot BTW – when she gets a text from Jer.

Immediately, the electronic message visibly upsets her.

“I am going to f–king flip,” she tells her sister Victoria.

“Jeremy had to leave … go get Brooke’s daughter, and just left Addie with his mom. I guess I’m going to have to figure out something."

"I’m going to have to figure out something with his mom to get Addie," Leah continues, "and it’s already almost four o’clock." 

"I mean, she doesn’t get to see her sisters again until Thursday, so that’s not fair. He needs to stop worrying about someone else’s child and worry about his own!"

"They knew about this,” Leah says of the event.

“They knew last night,” Victoria responds.

“They knew last week,” adds Leah.

“They knew they had to pick [her up], so arrangements should’ve been made to where he could take care of his child, and she take care of hers."

"That’s not fair! You see this little girl all week!" Leah laments, referring to Brooke’s daughter. "You don’t see Addie all week."

"Like, that’s what breaks my heart for this kid!”

Leah and Jeremy share custody of Adalynn, and by all accounts have enjoyed a strong co-parenting relationship … until now.

Will she trash MTV for editing this to make it look more contentious than it really was? Most likely. But there is a pattern here.

You have to admit, it’s interesting that one week ago, Leah accused Corey of neglecting her daughter in different circumstances.

Now it’s Jeremy Calvert and Brooke Wehr in the crosshairs, and likely just a matter of time until the duo fires back at Leah.

SIDE NOTEDoes it look to anyone else like Victoria is giving Leah the side-eye a little as she goes on and on about this?

Check out the finale sneak peek below …