Corey & Miranda Simms: Neglecting Leah Messer's Daughters?!

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Thanks to footage airing on this week's episode of Teen Mom 2, Leah Messer once again finds herself at the center of a parenting controversy.

This time, however, she's not the one who's getting slammed by critical fans on social media.

Viewers took to Twitter in droves to express their displeasure over a scene in which Leah's daughter Ali, who suffers from muscular dystrophy, complained that her stepmother, Miranda Patterson, refused to help her carry her backpack into school.

"Miranda always gets mad at me 'cause my backpack's too heavy," Ali said in a heartbreaking video.

"I give her my backpack when it's too heavy outside. When we're going inside. And she says, 'Ali, I have to hold a baby.'"

Naturally, Leah lost it when she saw the footage.

The 24-year-old proceeded to go off on Simms' second wife, even going so far as to call Miranda a "lazy bitch."

Miranda texted Leah shortly after the incident, explaining that she treats Messer's twin daughters with the same loving care that she gives her own children.

Judging from the reaction on Twitter, however, many still believe that Miranda is guilty of failing to properly attend to a disabled child's needs.

Perhaps it's for that reason that Miranda and Corey made made their case in a recent interview with MTV News:

"I always try to carry Ali’s backpack for her,” Simms explained. “I would never try to do any harm to the children or create any kind of task that I know Ali cannot do.”

"I’m not saying how she felt was wrong," he acknowledged.

"Her feelings are important. I just hope that we can move on, and I hope that the girls feel comfortable no matter where they are at one time.”

Corey chimed in to stick up for his wife, saying:

“Miranda is aware of what Ali is capable of and what she’s not capable of doing. If Miranda would have felt that the backpack was too heavy, she would not have made her carry the backpack."

As for Messer girls' claims that they're being neglected in favor of Miranda and Corey's son, Remi, Miranda says that's just kids being kids:

“After Remi was born, I’ve never seen any type of jealousy that the girls had towards Remi or any kind of feeling that they felt left out,” Miranda explained.

“Yes, it would be a big change for two six-year-olds to have a new baby in their lives when they’re used to just being the kids in the house.”

Makes sense to us - but we doubt that's the end of the drama over this particular issue. After all, think of who we're talking about.

Follow the link to watch Teen Mom 2 online to relive some of Leah's best battles with her exes' new boos. All of them.

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