Child Scientist Drops the Mic on Anti-Vaccination Crowd

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It's time to meet Marco Arturo.

And to then stand and applaud Marco Arturo.

child scientist

This young man is only 12 years old, but he has recorded a video in which he comes across as very mature and knowledgeable for a kid his age.

In footage that has been viewed over 3.3 million times on Facebook, Arturo addresses all of those individuals who refuse to vaccinate their children.

Most people in this camp believe that vaccinations can lead to Autism.

To open the video, Marco explains that veryone has “been lied to by doctors and pharmaceutical companies about vaccines.”

Uh-oh. How so?!?

“After a lot of research I realized that vaccines do and will cause autism,” he says, holding up what he claims is a damning dossier of his findings.

Hmmm... interesting. We didn't see this coming. Go on, Marco.

When the self-proclaimed scientist opens up the folder - which is title “Evidence That Vaccines Cause Autism” - all of the pages are blank. And then his mockery of this anti-vaccination crowd is made clear.

Why, exactly, are these pages blank?

“I think it might be because there is absolutely no evidence to support the statement that vaccines are linked to autism in any way whatsoever,” he says.

Arturo ends the video by urging all parents to vaccinate their kids and then by holding up one final sheet of paper.

It has the word "mic" written on it and Marco proceeds to drop it. HA! Amazing.

Watch for yourself:

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