Leah Messer Bad Parenting Excuse Hall of Fame

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The embattled Leah Messer of MTV's Teen Mom 2 has been through the wringer, accused of every bad parenting move under the sun.

All of which she has made amazing excuses for.

If you watch Teen Mom 2 online, you've seen one troublesome incident after another involving Leah and her two concerned former spouses.

The twice divorced mother of three makes no apologies for any of the strange behavior and controversial parenting moves she's exhibited.

Only the (dubious) explanations which we've documented below ... and clearly have not succeeded in convincing fans, exes, or courts.

Leah lost custody to Corey Simms after a protracted battle, and while she later regained joint custody, she remains on shaky ground.

There's also the whole Leah-T.R. Dues situation, which we don't know what to make of these days (or any days), but gives us pause:

Is another live-in lover really what she needs?

We wish her the best, but we fear the worst, at least until she can be honest with herself and others and put her best foot forward in life.

With the new season underway, Leah's struggles are once again under scrutiny, and her decision making skills under the MTV microscope. 

She claims she's a victim of bad editing on behalf of producers - even Corey had her back on one occasion recently - but is that fair?

Can she really explain away ALL of these things? Isn't a pattern like this impossible to ignore? Either way, we just hope she fights through it.

Just be strong, girl. You can do it. #believe

1. Tanning Salon Mumbling

Tanning Salon Mumbling
Messer shocked fans by looking like she was on the verge of passing out and mumbling incoherently while working at a tanning salon on Teen Mom 2. She did admit she was on anxiety medication, but said the side effects made her stop right away. This was over a year ago now ...

2. Illegal Business Dealings ... Er, Setbacks

Illegal Business Dealings ... Er, Setbacks
Under investigation by the West Virginia Board of Barbers and Cosmetologists for running an illegal salon, Leah and her partners Leslee Pannell and Crystal Spinks shuttered their operation, defiantly stating: “We will protect our reputation and ourselves. This is a future career we believe in. Success doesn’t come without set backs and haters. We aren’t afraid of either.” They said “there is zero truth” to reports about an investigation ... but that the salon is indeed “on hold.”

3. Stealing From Ali?!

Stealing From Ali?!
After reports surfaced claiming that Messer stole $50,000 from her daughter Ali's trust fund (allegedly to fund her addictions), she sought to clear her name. "My girls still have they're [sic] money," Leah tweeted. "It's just not at the bank your [sic] looking at." Transferring the funds to a different bank without telling anyone is entirely plausible, yet she did not provide any evidence that she had done so, or explain why she would have to.

4. TMI For Toddlers

TMI For Toddlers
Leah Messer was criticized for her daughters' racy dance attire in this photo. She defended the move, saying trolls online are out to get her.

5. Kiss Off, Haters!

Kiss Off, Haters!
Leah shot down divorce rumors involving herself and her tumultuous marriage to Jeremy Calvert last year ... sealing her Twitter kiss-off to the haters with this pic. Shortly thereafter, they actually did get divorced.

6. I Know There's a Drug Problem.

Corey told Leah asked Leah straight up if she's on drugs in the Season 6 premiere. "I swear to God there's not," she said, when confronted on her alleged problem. Future events have not bolstered her argument.

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