Lamar Odom Gives First Major Interview Since His Overdose

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Last October, there was a decent stretch of time in which the world was pretty sure that Lamar Odom was going to die.

He overdosed during a wild visit to a brothel in Nevada, and he was rushed to the hospital. During his ordeal, he had a series of strokes, and his organs were failing.

Things were so bad that, at one point, it was reported (falsely, thank goodness) that he'd been declared brain dead.

But even after everything, Lamar managed to make a miraculous recovery -- seriously, "miraculous" is really the only way to describe it.

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But then, a few months later, he was seen drinking in a bar, which obviously wasn't a great sign for an addict who'd very nearly died recently.

Rumors began circulating that he'd also began doing drugs again, with one particularly persistent report claiming that someone had found a crack pipe on the property that Khloe Kardashian had been renting for him.

It's all very sad, but right now Lamar is in rehab. His team is adamant that he's clean, he just wanted to stay ahead of his recovery.

And it turns out that, before he left for rehab, he did an interview with Dr. Travis Stork to air on The Doctors.

In the interview, his first major one since the overdose, he talks about his near-death experience, his history of drug use, his relationships with the Kardashians, and more.

It airs tomorrow, but you can check out a preview below:

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