Lamar Odom: Shocking Drug Overdose Details Revealed

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It's been over a week since Lamar Odom was found unconscious in his VIP suite at the Love Ranch brothel, and a lot has changed for the former NBA star in the days since.

Odom, L.

Odom has emerged from his coma and is expected to pull through, despite suffering severe damage to several vital organs.

In the wake of his stunning recovery, Odom and Khloe Kardashian called off their divorce and are reportedly committed to making their marriage work despite two years of estrangement.

Insiders say that as a condition of their reconciliation, Odom has sworn he'll never use drugs again

Based on the details provided in a recent gruesome report from Radar Online, it's not hard to see why Khloe issued Lamar an ultimatum.

According to the website, Odom injected a syringe full of heroin and cocaine into his pelvis, resulting in a "grapefruit-sized" bruise that has yet to subside.

Many of the new details about Odom's near-fatal weekend at the brothel come from a sex worker named Ryder Cherry, who was employed by Lamar for the entirety of his two-day stay.

“It was just horrible. Blood was coming out of him,” Cherry says of finding Lamar unconscious in his room. “He wouldn’t wake up. I even tried to ice his genitals. Someone said that might revive him, but it didn’t!”

Interestingly, Cherry says that while Lamar paid over $75,000 for two days of VIP treatment, he never took advantage of the brothel's array of services.

“But we never had sex with Lamar — not once!” Cherry insists. “He didn’t even kiss us or touch us the entire time!”

It sounds increasingly like Odom was simply a very distraught man who sought solace in chemicals and nearly paid the ultimate price. Here's hoping he's able to turn things around.

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