Khloe Kardashian Finds Crack Pipe, Kicks Lamar Odom the F--k Out of Rental House

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Lamar Odom has been kicked to the curb by Khloe Kardashian.

In the literal sense. He was asked to leave her rental property ASAP for a reason that's both shocking and yet not at all at the same time.

Ride or Die

They were once ride-or-die. Now Khloe wants to ride off into the sunset alone, since she fears Lamar will abuse drugs until he actually dies.

Which, apparently, she found more evidence of recently.

It's sad, but this is where we've come to at this point:

Former NBA All-Star Lamar Odom is a vagabond drifter without a home, following Khloe's expulsion of him from her Calabasas rental.

After Lamar overdosed and almost died last fall, Khloe leased the house for $25,000 A MONTH so he'd have a nice place to recover.

Just blocks away from her own crib, no less.

She wanted to be near her estranged husband to help in his recovery, and called off their divorce in hopes of prioritizing that and reconciling.

Obviously, that didn't end up happening, as the two are now back on track to divorce amid rumors that Odom is back on crack once again.

Speaking of which ... the last straw with the rental came just last month when a family member discovered a crack pipe on the property.

Amazing. As such, she booted his ass out.

The lease was set to expire at the end of last month anyway, so all she had to do was stop paying, but still. That's what she did, and abruptly.

As for what Lamar is doing now? Get this:

TMZ sources report that he's gone back to his nomadic ways, going from house to house, staying with pals in the San Fernando Valley. 

Sounds incredibly healthy as always.

You would think that after going through all he's experienced - and having seen two close friends DIE in recent years - he'd get it together.

The mind of an addict is difficult to predict or apply logic to, however, even when he or she has a support system just waiting to help.

Sigh. No word yet on whether Polina Polonsky has opened her doors (or legs) to Lamar now that he's out on the street again.

One can only hope ...

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