Blac Chyna: Kris Jenner is a Second Mother to Me!

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To say that Blac Chyna and Kris Jenner have had a troubled relationship ... well, it would be just a little bit of an understatement.

Approximately two seconds after the world learned that Chyna was dating Rob Kardashian, we started hearing about how Rob's entire family didn't think the relationship was a good idea.

Part of it was because Chyna had dated and had a child with Tyga, who is currently with Kylie Jenner, Rob's little sister.

Another part of it was because Rob had been in such a bad place for such a long time, they were concerned that Chyna would somehow take advantage of him.

Things only got more strained when Rob proposed to Chyna after she got pregnant, and tensions rose higher with the persistent rumors that Rob wasn't the baby's father.

Rob Kardashian Hugs Blac Chyna

The whole thing was just the biggest mess, and, as always, Kris seemed to orchestrate the whole thing.

We saw report after report about Kris demanding a paternity test, about Kris vowing to stop the wedding.

But, as we're seeing now in this new clip from the upcoming Rob & Chyna Baby Special, Kris and Chyna actually managed to bury the hatchet.

They buried it so deep that Chyna actually refers to Kris as her "second mother."

See the startling clip below:

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