Lamar Odom: Caught DRINKING Before Easter Sunday Church!

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On Sunday, photos of Lamar Odom attending church services with Khloe Kardashian gave millions hope, as not only did Odom appear to be walking under his own power for the first time in months, it looked as though he and Khloe may be on the verge of reconciliation.

Lamar Odom, Khloe Kardashian on Easter Sunday

This morning, however, photos of the former NBA star ordering drinks in an Irish pub hours before the service have left many wondering if Odom has any respect for his ex - or any concern for his own health.

As you probably know, Odom overdosed on a potentially lethal cocktail of drugs and was rushed to the hospital in comatose state back in October.

Odom suffered several strokes and family members say that at one point they were informed he likely wouldn't make it.

Against all odds, he pulled through and began the slow, painful recovery process.

Though they haven't rekindled their romance, Khloe welcomed Lamar back into her life and she spent untold hours (and reportedly millions of dollars) assisting with his recovery.

She also issued her ex an ultimatum, telling him that if he was ever caught using again, they were through.

So we imagine Khloe is less than pleased about the photos of Lamar drinking on a Sunday morning, before meeting up with her family for church. 

TMZ reports that they've reached out to both parties reps and have thus far received no response.

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