Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett: Might It Be Over?

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Hank Baskett has finally had enough, people.

Yes, he had his penis touched by a transgender model named Ava London a couple years ago. It may have even been under the shorts, he can't say for certain.

But it happened, that's all that happened and Baskett is ready to move on.

But Kendra Wilkinson won't let him.

As anyone who has used the Internet to watch Kendra on Top online knows, the former Playboy centerfold has been hanging this affair (can we really call it an "affair?") over her husband's head for several months now.

She may say she's forgiven him, but she certainly hasn't forgotten and she's responded on Season 4 by going on and flirting way too heavily with members of the opposite sex herself.

And Hank can't handle it any longer, as we see below in the following clip from an intense Kendra on Top season finale.

“How do think it makes me feel when you sit there and tell me repeatedly that you don’t want to be married anymore?" Hank asks his wife.

Look, Baskett isn't scoring touchdowns any longer (NOTE: he had only six in a seven-year NFL career, though he did cross the endzone 17 times in college at New Mexico). He's just selling gaming monitors.

Does that make him boring? If so, get out, Kendra! Just tell the poor guy now! Don't string him along anymore.

As Hank says here, either give 100 percent to this relationship or they might as well file for divorce.

Is that what Kenda will choose? Is it all over for these two? Well... no, because this was filmed months ago and Kendra has already said her marriage has been saved.

But whatever! Watch the clip now!

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