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Whether he’s riffing on an amateur stuntman who did something stupid and wound up with a bone sticking out of his leg, or reminding us how much Jimmy Fallon loves booze, Daniel Tosh is always awesome in a cruelly hilarious way.

Even fans of the divisive comic admit that he doesn’t exactly come off as a nice guy on his Comedy Central show, so lots of folks might be surprised to learn that Tosh just committed an incredible act of kindness at the expense of his beloved Miami Dolphins.

As you might already know, the New England Patriots annihilated the Dolphins last night (as they’re wont to do) by a score of 36-7.

While it may have been a bummer for Tosh to watch Brady and company trounce all over his team (We’ve all been there, dude.), the Pats’ victory was also a major win for Daniel’s friend Andy Ritchie, a comic who was recently diagnosed with a brain tumor.

You see, Tosh recently made $25,000 auctioning off props and random crap from around his office online.

He decided to bet the whole 25 grand on the Patriots covering the first half spread against the Dolphins and promised that if he won, he’d give all the cash to Ritchie to help with his medical bills.

Since you can never really go wrong betting on the Pats (unless you’re betting on which team is the least likely to cheat), Tosh will be able to donate $50,000 to Ritchie’s GoFundMe account.

"Once I double it, [Ritchie] can do whatever he wants with it; go on a lion-hunting safari or get treatment," Tosh said.

We’re guessing he’ll go with treatment, but hey – maybe he’ll decide to pull a Walter Palmer. Who knows?

We kid, of course. This is the best thing Tosh has done since he weirdly recreated a Selena Gomez video.

He proved that his uncaring D-bag routine is (at least sometimes) just an act, and for that, we thank him.