Giant Inflatable Pumpkin Wreaks Near Havoc in Arizona

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We have our second story this week about a 300-plus-pound pumpkin.

Fortunately, however, this one has nothing to do with Donald Trump.

But the residents of Peoria, Arizona may have preferred a visit by Trump than the near-catastrophe that befell them on Thursday after a giant inflatable pumpkin broke free and bounced around a busy intersection.

Jim Barton, the owner of Big AZ Promotions (and, by extension, the fake gourd), told People Magazine that it was a miracle no one was hurt… considering the pumpkin weighs over 300 pounds is is over 25 feet tall.

"Either it was an act of God, just a microburst that caused it to get loose, or there was vandalism involved," Barton says.

A city spokesperson named Bo Larden, though, explains that a big windstorm blew through town and freed the pumpkin, which Barton says was nearly twice the size of a typical child’s bouncy castle.

Just in case you needed a comparison of some kind.

The point is that this was a giant pumpkin and, as humorous as it appears to see it bouncing around, the potential for danger was clear throughout.

Major damage could have been caused.

Thankfully, traffic at the intersection was already stopped; and Barton says the pumpkin broke free "one split second before" people and cars began moving again, allowing pedestrian and vehicles the chance to stay out off harm’s way.

Following a few scary moments, the pumpkin began to deflate after being ripped apart and was eventually captured on some playground equipment.

Barton says his company uses inflatable items all the time and this has only happened once before.

"Mother Nature can be very, very formidable," he says.

Watch the craziness unfold below:

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