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The ridiculousness that is Kendra Wilkinson continues to impress us – in terms of sheer absurdity and shamelessness – more each week.

She has now parlayed her intense marital problems into THREE FULL SEASONS of reality TV, beginning with Kendra on Top Season 3.

Her struggles with the Hank Baskett hand job follies spilled over into Marriage Boot Camp, which you’d think would have put this to bed.

On the contrary! Kendra and Hank are back – and documenting the “healing process” even further – on Kendra on Top Season 4!

Kendra on Top Season 4 Trailer: Let the Good Times Roll!

“We’re human. We’re not perfect people. This is pretty much a TV diary of what we’re going through,” K-Dubs says of the drama to come.

“It’s a very powerful season. We’re just showing the healing process. Everything that really happens after something tragic happened.”

Lest you think she and Hank are milking the Ava London situation for money and attention, she insists reality TV saved her marriage:

“I had it in my mind since day one that everything will work itself out, no matter which way it goes. I think being on TV helped us expedite everything.”

“It pushed us more into the therapy. It pushed us a little bit more to get to the root of our problem and the root of our feelings.”

“I want to get to a place with Hank that I’ve never been before. To be stronger people. To be better people than we were before.”

It pushed them to discuss whether or not Hank was fondled inside his shorts by a transgender model, or merely on the outside.

All kidding aside, we’re glad they are in a better place now – assuming this wasn’t all faked – and that Hendra is making things work.

Still, one wonders if these same goals could have been achieved privately, and whether a WE tv crew really benefited them.