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They say you should never meet your idols. They probably also say that if you do meet your idols, you shouldn’t be rocking a smiley-face bra while you’re high on South American Molly.

These are tips that a Brazilian girl (whose name appears to be Haiaiaia) ignored when she took the stage during a recent Katy Perry concert in Rio de Janeiro last night.

Brazil has a reputation as the most sexed-up country on the planet, so perhaps Katy shouldn’t have been surprised when Haiaiaia (who, as Perry said, appeared to be "rolling") got more than a little handsy.

Is it as funny as the time Katy fell off a Segway at Burning Man? You be the judge.

Whatever the case, Ms. Perry can’t act like this is the first time she’s been groped by a drug-addled sex fiend with a funny accent. After all, she was married to Russell Brand.