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If you’re a soda junkie you might be able to relate to this girl’s elation. Or, you might find thinking, "Damn, it’s just bubbly sugar water. Chill."

Either way it’s worth 44 seconds of your time to see Elena up there try her first sip of Pepsi.

Apparently, she’s allergic to caffeine and…wasn’t aware that caffeine-free Pepsi is a thing?

We’re not really sure, but in any event her boyfriend Mario wisely decided to record Elena’s first-ever taste of the sweet stuff.

As you can see, she liked it. A lot.

Now she finally understands what Beyonce was so excited about in that commercial!

Sadly, unless she gets her hands on a way-back machine, Elena will never know the beautiful, baffling glory that was Crystal Pepsi. Life is suffering.